Scripture tells us that we are better together than we are alone.

God wants us to grow in faith together. When we deepen relationships with others, we deepen our relationship with Him.



On Sunday mornings before worship we meet to read the Bible together, share our faith journeys and learn with Rev. Dave Stambaugh, Faith Formation Minister. As a church, we read a book together during Lent.  Some of us also meet regularly in small Covenant Groups to support each other in our journey.


The earliest Christians were a diverse group from all parts of society, united by their allegiance to Jesus. We want to grow our ability to love each other, even if we disagree on important topics. Led by Rev. Dr Allen Hilton, founder and leader of the House United Movement, we periodically debate global, national and local issues, all while listening for the word of God speaking through others. It’s tough but important work in a world where division, acrimony, and outrage have taken over the public square.



Every week our Parlor is full of prayers, laughter, tears and inspiration as the women of Green’s Farms Church come together to read a book or study the Bible. The group is inter-generational, warm and welcoming. They meet 10 am on Thursdays (child care is available), at 7:15 pm on alternate Wednesdays, for a shared meal at a member’s home every six weeks, and for a spring offsite overnight retreat.


The men’s ministry comes together for activities ranging from Second Saturday Breakfasts 8:00 am in the Parlor, to golf outings, and gathering for Monday Night Football at the Black Duck.

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GFC seniors build fellowship with an active program. Recent events include evenings of music at the Levitt Pavilion, theater and movie trips, a guided tour of the new library, and lunches with special guests. The group also visits and calls members who cannot attend as regularly as they would like to.