welcome home


Whether you grew up in church, have never been particularly religious, or are just starting a new exploration of your spirituality, welcome in the name of Christ’s grace, love and peace.


join us in october



Big Tent Bible Why is scripture read so differently by different people? Make the journey from Genesis to Revelation with Dr. Allen Hilton, former Yale Professor of New Testament, and Christians from all faith backgrounds


October 27

Acrimony and outrage have taken over the public square. Join us for a different kind of conversation.


October 27

There will be games, outdoor projects, a BBQ, and fun for all the family at our Fall Family Night from 4:30 pm.


Everyone is welcome Worship 10 am every Sunday. Saturday October 26 Inquirers Class for potential new members. Remembrance Sunday November 3 Thanksgiving Sunday November 24. Longest Night Service Westport Methodist Church December 17 Nativity Pageant December 22

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