Worship and Music


At Green’s Farms Church, Discover a vibrant youth and children’s program, a joyous worship service, a passion for community outreach, and engaging opportunities for deeper study each week.

We believe spiritual growth is nurtured in community. Worshiping together provides a connection with God that is different from what we can experience on our own. Whether you grew up in church, have never been particularly religious, or are just starting a new exploration of your spirituality, we welcome you in the name of Christ’s grace, peace, and love.

Sunday worship services are held at 10:00 am in the Meetinghouse. Please see the calendar for additional worship service information, dates and times.


SoloistMusic can stir the heart and soul in ways words cannot. At Green’s Farms Church, music is eclectic and engaging. There are many opportunities to worship God through song at GFC, and interested singers are warmly invited to contact Rick Tripodi. For more information please visit the GFC Choirs page.

Play an instrument? Why not join the GFC Family Band?

Summer Compo Beach Service

During the summer, Green’s Farms teams up with other area churches to host an outdoor worship service each Sunday.

Parking is free for service attendees. Bring a chair and meet us near the canons at 8:30 am!

Other participating churches this year include Saugatuck Congregational Church, Norfield Congregational Church, United Methodist Church of Westport and Weston, and Wilton Congregational Church.