In the Gallery at GFC

“Selected Works” by Laura Overton

Laura, her husband Ian, and their six children have lived all over the world. In each location, Laura has been inspired to create art. Her current solo show features selected paintings that highlight different aspects of her work in various media. Each piece speaks for itself, but as a whole the show highlights Laura’s wonderful use of light, perspective and color to create not just a lovely work of art, but a feeling or mood that remains with the viewer. Stop by and enjoy her work! For more information, click here.

Gallery at GFC

The idea for a permanent gallery in the church building grew out of the outdoor pop-up art show that GFC hosted on the occasion of its 300th anniversary in June 2011. The show was so well received that parishoners asked for more. In response, gallery space was created inside the building, between the courtyard and parking lot entrance to the church. The Gallery at GFC hosted its first exhibition in January 2013. Since then the Gallery has been the site of shows in all kinds of media by both professional artists and talented amateurs, all of whom have some connection to Greens Farms Church. The Gallery also serves as a community gathering spot where visitors can deepen their connection to others and explore the spiritual meaning of the works.

Art and faith have a longer history together. Some people think the earliest known art images from the Lascaux caves represent spiritual beliefs as well as imagines from nature. Museums and cathedrals the world over are filled with masterpieces devoted to the divine.  Even when the subject isn’t religious, the process of creating all art is a spiritual endeavor, arising from some mysterious force within the artist that connects him or her to the mysterious power of creation itself. Now the artists of Green’s Farms Church share their journeys and works of art in celebration of this same spirit.

If you are an artist and would be interested in showing your work, or if you have an idea for a themed show, please contact Diane Parrish. We welcome your art and your presence.

"Alternate Reality" by Kathy Booth

“Alternate Reality” by Kathy Booth

Prior Gallery Exhibitions

"ge-stalt" by Kathy O'Reardon

“ge-stalt” by Kathy O’Reardon

November 2015 – “Along the Path” Joseph Vecchiarino

October 2015 — “Moments” by Jo Titsworth

June 2015 — “Portraits” by Wendy Nylon

May 2015 — 3D Bulletin Board “1965” in honor of the organ’s 50th anniversary

February 2015 — “Adrift”, Group Show

December 2014 — “Feliz Natal” by Elias Silva and Elias Barbosa
November 2014 — “Serendipity” by Kathy Booth
September 2014—“VISION”, Group Show
May 2014 —“The Story of Scouting”
April 2014 —“FACE/TIME” by Grace Booth
February 2014 —“Order” Photographs by Amanda and Nick Morgan
January 2014 —“Are We Connected?” by Eric Chiang

December 2013 —“Home Made for the Holidays”, Group Show
October 2013 —“Blessings” by JoAnn Davidson
September 2013 —“Boxed Lives” by Elizabeth Devoll
June 2013 — “Through These Doors: Artifacts and Images of GFC”
April 2013 —“Silent Gatherings” by Justin Wiest
March 2013 —“Love and Loyalty” by Joseph Vecchiarino
February 2013 —“Koi” by Dale Najarian
January 2013 —“Reflective” by Joseph Vecchiarino