At Green’s Farms Church, we’re passionate about our ministry with children! We welcome every child to feel God’s love by experiencing Christian community. We introduce young disciples to God’s story as told in the Bible. And we encourage each child to develop a personal relationship with the God revealed in Jesus Christ.


    • Sunday Mornings •


Our goal is to help children and families engage in faith as a way of life. Schedules today are often hectic and fragmented, making shared time a precious commodity, so at GFC the whole family begins each Sunday morning together in the Meetinghouse. There, we worship, pray, and receive monthly communion together as a congregation.


    • In The Classroom •


After the Children’s Message kids head off to their classrooms and the fun begins! Interim Director LaQruishia Gill leads a team of enthusiastic teachers including interns from Yale Divinity School. Together they turn classrooms into places where young students make God’s story their story. Using hands-on activities (science experiments, games, art projects, cooking – we’ll try almost anything!) children learn what it means to be disciples by praying, laughing, forgiving, and learning the stories of the Bible using a plan of study that follows the lectionary readings for the seasons of the Church year.

Come join us! Try Sunday School like you have never experienced it before.


    • Get Involved •

Sign-up to be a Safe Church Helper in one of our Sunday School class!


SafeChurch practices are in place to insure that our children can have the most positive experience possible when they enter our church doors. Our SafeChurch Helpers spend an occasional Sunday Morning in one of our Sunday School classrooms simply to serve as an additional adult presence. There is no preparation or teaching involved, and this gives you a chance to get an inside look at what goes on with our Children’s Ministry at GFC!



*Teens in grades 6-12 are guided by our Youth Team. Please refer to the Youth section for middle schoolers and beyond.