Time to dig a little

We’re beautifying the church grounds by planting spring bulbs, then enjoying a BBQ from 4-6:00 pm on Sunday October 21. Join us for our latest family event - bring the kids, friends, grandparents, to enjoy time together at church with friends old and new.

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What do politicians do for us?

In November we’ll elect congresspeople and decide ballot measures and do all sorts of citizen-like things. Day to day, we live the ups and downs of the chaotic world of American politics in the early 21st century. Sociologists and pollsters tell us that we Americans are more focussed on that world than we’ve been in a long time. So…Why do we elect these officials and what do we expect them to do for a living? What is the purpose of the several governments — federal, state, local — we’ll put in place on November 6, 2018?

Join Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton in the Social Hall after worship on Sunday, October 21, as we we ask these questions together in our first Courageous Conversation of this church year. We need your voice and your two ears to help us get this right!

Making a splash

It took $10,000, raised for our Youth Ministry, to get Rev. Jeff Rider into the Dunk Tank on Homecoming Sunday. But the money was raised in an hour on Sunday morning, September 9, and Jeff made good on his promise, right after worship. Dave Stambaugh, Chris Murray, Marc Herold and Brian Winkler also made the drop. Click on the pic for the slo-mo of Jeff’s dip (thanks, Dave Briggs)


Introducing Rev. Stambaugh

Three years ago, Dave Stambaugh joined GFC as Interim Faith Formation Minister. Since then, he has preached, taught, comforted, and counselled us, while completing all the requirements for ordination.

In July, a special church meeting voted to call Dave (pictured left, with wife, Becky) as our settled Associate Minister for Faith Formation. On September 16 at 2 pm, Dave will be ordained as a minister of the United Church of Christ, and installed at Green’s Farms Church. We hope you will join this special service.