How to Join

We welcome everyone to be involved in the life of Green’s Farms Church – member or friend!  However, if you’ve been thinking about making a commitment to our church family, we invite you to consider membership.

How To Join

Interested newcomers gather on a specified date/time in the Church Parlor to meet one another, learn about the history of GFC and look to our faith family’s future. By exploring questions like, “How can I get involved?” and “What do I have to offer?” we help people connect with the life of the church. The event is hosted by Senior Minister, Jeffrey Rider, church members, and clergy. A light brunch is included and childcare is available.

After this meeting, newcomers are welcome to join the congregation on a designated New Member Sunday, during the worship service. A special reception follows in the Social Hall.

To obtain a schedule of new member meetings, contact the church office by email or phone, and we will direct you to our Membership Committee.

Outdoor Fellowship


Spring 2017 New Members

Christine Fitzsimons and Christopher Cocotas

Jeff and Allison Cross

Candace and Tom Banks (Chip, Marin and Caroline)

Fall 2016 New Members

Michal and Gavin Coman (Ashlynn, Conor and Katie)

Alexandra Coppolo

Oona Robinson and Chris LeBrun (Jacques and Nicolas)

Leila Shields (Theo, Henry and Cyrus)

Alli and Glenn DiVincenzo (Capri and William)

Tyler Ung

Laura and Brad Franklin (Charlotte and Lily)

Gina and J.D. Mello (Jaden and Jack)

Spring 2016 New Members

James Booth

Chris and Cyd Hamer (Sasha, James, Ben and Will)

Kelly and Mike Fallquist (Zachary and Hayley)

Adam and Sarah True (Theo and Lily)

Robert and Erika DiGiovanni (Charlie, Sara, Sam and Millie)

Marc and Lori Fischer (Claire and Hannah)

Will Ference and Christina Onorato

Ed and Mindy Tan

Robert and Allison Wussler (Charlotte)