I’m New: A Visitor’s Guide

We believe spiritual growth is nurtured in community. Worshipping together provides a connection with God that is different from what we can experience on our own. Whether you grew up in church, have never been particularly religious, or are just starting a new exploration of your spirituality, we welcome you in the name of Christ’s grace, peace, and love.

Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, but feel free to contact us if we haven’t addressed your particular concern.

Where are you located?

We are located one block off the Post Road at 71 Hillandale Road, near Barnes & Noble. You’ll find directions here.

When are your worship services?

Sunday worship is at 10:00 AM. When you arrive, a greeter can help you with a bulletin and finding a seat.

What do people wear?

As a congregation of many blended cultures, religions and ages, dress on Sunday morning will vary. Youth tend to be casual and comfortable. Adults lean toward “business casual” – slacks/skirts, shirts with collars, jackets (or not), some ties.

What options are available for kids?

Children at Welcome Back SundayWe are passionate about our ministries for children and youth! Visit our Children and Youth pages to read about our programs for all age groups. On Sunday morning, we offer families time to worship together for the first 10 minutes of the service. During that time the Youth Minister will offer a message especially geared for younger children, after which students Pre-K through Grade 8 head to classrooms. Classroom assignments can be found in the bulletin and posted in the hallways. Ushers are available to assist. We recommend that you accompany your child to class, and then return to the service. Once the service is over, you can pick up your child and head to the Social Hall for coffee/juice and conversation.

What about infants and toddlers?

Visitors- Infants and ChildrenAs a church with many families with young children, Green’s Farms is prepared to help you care for your infant or toddler and enjoy your worship experience. We have a professionally staffed nursery, and our greeters can help you in finding the location. You are also welcome to keep your infant with you during the service, and if you need to attend to your child’s needs, an usher can direct you to the parlor adjacent to the Meetinghouse where the service can be heard on our audio system.

What is a service like?

Our services typically run about an hour. In the first few minutes there is a children’s message, after which students, Pre-K through Grade 8, recess to classrooms. If your child prefers to stay with you, that’s great too! Music from our choir or soloists follows the pastoral or “morning” prayer. Then a scripture is read with a message from one of our ministers that relates to this reading and our everyday lives. The service concludes with an offering and music. As a visitor, you are welcome, but not expected, to participate in the offering.

Will I have a chance to meet people?

Each Sunday after the service there is a time for coffee/juice and conversation, either in the Social Hall or outside on the front lawn, depending on weather. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people and get to know more about Green’s Farms Church.

Do you need special assistance for your Sunday visit?

If you have questions about special needs for a family member, or handicapped access, please don’t hesitate to email or call the church office for assistance, (203) 227-2728. We are delighted to assist any way that we can.

If you are facing a personal struggle and would like to connect with the pastoral staff, let us know. Staff members are available to meet with you after the service and to help find the right resources.

We look forward to having you join us on Sunday!

– The Staff and Members of GFC