Congratulations on your engagement! Greens Farms Church is a wonderful place for a wedding, and now we offer an AIR CONDITIONED Meetinghouse, for those getting married during the warm months! We welcome members and non-members alike to celebrate at Green’s Farms Church.

You probably have a lot of questions about what comes next in planning your big day. More information about holding your wedding at Green’s Farms Church can be found in our Wedding Guidelines below. The first step in the wedding request process is to complete our Wedding Request Form.

Questions? Contact our church office.

Wedding Guidelines

Who May Officiate at our Wedding?

A wedding is a worship service within the church that witnesses the vows of marriage and asks for God’s blessing and love to sustain the couple’s union. These sacred occasions are under the direction of the Church Council, and must be conducted by one of Green ’s Farms Church’s ordained clergy.

Some weddings can be occasions for two faiths to be represented, or for participation from family or friends who are ordained clergy. Green’s Farms Church is pleased to welcome the assistance of visiting clergy. Couples wishing to include an additional clergy member as part of the ceremony need to raise this possibility with the officiating pastor when discussing your wedding plans. He or she is the one who will extend an invitation to the visiting clergy person on behalf of the church.

Should We Meet with the Minister Before the Ceremony?

You will need to make an appointment with the officiating pastor to discuss the wedding before the date can be confirmed by the Church Office. At that appointment you will schedule a minimum of three pre-wedding meetings with him or her. If geographic distance makes it impossible for you to meet in person, you will need to provide the officiating minister with a letter from the person who did provide your prenuptial counseling, indicating that it was completed successfully.

What Is the Church Name and Address for our Invitations?

Please use the church’s official name:

The Congregational Church of Green’s Farms

71 Hillandale Road

Westport Connecticut 06880

Do We Need a Marriage License?

The state of Connecticut requires that you obtain a marriage license from the town in which you reside or from the Westport Town Clerk. Both the bride and groom must apply in person. The Westport Town Clerk ’s office is located at Town Hall, 110 Myrtle Street, no appointment necessary. For questions, contact Town Hall directly at (203) 341-1110. Don ’t forget to bring the license with you to the rehearsal as it needs to be signed by the officiating minister.

What are the Guidelines for Flowers and Decorations at the Wedding?

GFC’s historic meetinghouse (sanctuary) seats a maximum of 350 persons. Reflecting its Congregational heritage, it is in the colonial style with two central aisles and minimal ornamentation. You and your florist can design a floral scheme that works best for you in the space. Most local floral designers are familiar with the meetinghouse and can recommend arrangements that complement it. Please tell your florist that tape or other adhesives are prohibited, as is rice or birdseed thrown on the grounds. Rose petals or bubbles are fine. You will need to remove all the flowers after the wedding, with the exception of the two altar bouquets if you prefer to donate them to the church for worship service on the Sunday following your wedding. The church also has two antique brass candelabras with white candles that you may use during the service. Aisle runners are very rarely used in the meetinghouse because there is not a center aisle, but if you decide to use them, they should be 75 ’long and may not be secured by adhesives or tape.

What Should We Do about Music?

Wedding DateAs soon as you’ve reserved the church for your date, you should schedule a conversation about music with Minister of Music Director, Rick Tripodi. He is the accompanist and coordinator for the musical portion of your wedding service. If he is not available on your preferred date, he will designate another musician to serve in his place. Rick is available to share recommendations for musical selections, as well as suggestions for additional vocalists or instrumentalists if you’d like to include them. Email Rick Tripodi or call the church office at (203) 227-2728.

Should We Contact the Sexton too?

Before the wedding you should also talk with the church’s Sexton (caretaker) about your wedding plans to make sure all the details are clear to everyone in advance. Bob Custer is an experienced hand at weddings. Contact Bob Custer at (203) 227-2728 x105.

What Are the Rules Regarding Photography?

Photographers and videographers are welcome at the service, subject to a couple of ground rules. Once the service begins no flash photography of any kind is allowed, as weddings are sacred occasions. Pictures or videos without flash or other supplemental lighting from the balcony or narthex (back of the church) are fine. Most couples find it works best to take the formal photographs after the ceremony.

How Should We Plan for Parking and Security?

If you expect more than 200 guests at your wedding, you will need to have a Westport police officer on hand to help with traffic and parking. Please contact the Westport police directly (203) 341-6000 to make the necessary arrangements.

May We Have Our Reception at the Church?

If you will have fewer than 200 guests and would like a smoke-free, alcohol-free reception, you may choose to host your reception in the Social Hall for a rental fee of $350.00. You should reserve this space at the time you book your wedding.

What is the cost of  a wedding at GFC?

A signed agreement and deposit of $250 is required within 14 days after arranging a wedding date. This payment should be made by check to Green’s Farms Church, with “Wedding Deposit” noted in the check memo line. This deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the wedding outlined below. Should you need to cancel, the deposit will be refunded upon receipt of a letter 60 days before the wedding signed by either partner or a parent of one of the partners.

Non-Pledging Meetinghouse Fee of $2,000 includes honoraria to the officiating pastor, the organist, the sexton, use of the building and chancel candles.

Pledging Member Meetinghouse Fee of $1000 includes honoraria to the officiating Pastor, the organist and the sexton. There is no fee for the use of the building for member weddings. Gifts are at the discretion of the member.

Additional Fees are charged for soloists ($250 each) and pew candles ($75). If visiting clergy will share in the service, you should pay any honoraria directly to him or her by the date of your wedding.

The balance of the wedding fee (minus the deposit) is payable a week before the wedding to the church office.

If you are a non-member who desires a wedding off church premises, you should arrange your date directly with the officiating clergy and pay the honoraria of $500 directly to him or her.

Next Step?

To begin a conversation about your wedding, please complete GFC’s Wedding Form below.

Enjoy the days leading up to your wedding and feel free to contact our church office with any other questions you may have.  Green’s Farms Church looks forward to sharing the joy of your big day! May God bless your upcoming wedding and every day of your life together.

Wedding Request Form

Please provide your full name as it will appear on your marriage license.
Please provide your full name as it will appear on your marriage license.
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