Green's Farms Church

Mission Trips

Our High School Youth Group, Icthus, takes an annual mission trip to an area in need. In recent years, students and a group of adult leaders have participated in trips to build and repair homes and community centers. Mission Trips also focus on work and play with children in orphanages, inner city day care centers and Native American reservations.

The students participate in a variety of fundraising activities to help defray the cost of their trip.
Once there, the group works hard--but it isn’t all work! They also take time to be kids and have fun together as they explore a new place. While the participants experience the satisfaction of hands-on work building of physical structures and the "hearts on" work of being with children, most of them come home with an even greater appreciation for relationship building--with each other, and with the people they have come to serve. Through the act of giving of themselves, they receive their own spiritual gift in return.