Green's Farms Church

Mission Partners

Green's Farms Church has a long, rich commitment to Outreach in our community. This commitment touches the lives of those who live locally and internationally. Services we have historically supported include assistance for the homeless, mentally disabled, victims of domestic violence, services for the elderly, affordable counseling and a wide spectrum of youth services for economically disadvantaged children and teenagers. The organizations that we support can be found on our Mission Partner Organizations page. The Outreach of the Church extends internationally through direct contribution, depending on need, and through a generous annual contribution to Our Church's Wider Mission, the Outreach arm of the UCC.

The Outreach efforts of the church are coordinated by an active department. The volunteers who serve in this group thoroughly research the agencies whom we support financially, reviewing financial statements, and touring their facilities. We want to ensure that our gifts are used productively.

Our Mission Partner efforts are funded in three ways. A significant portion of the Church's annual operating budget is allocated to the Outreach Department, which then apportions the funds to local and national agencies and the UCC's "Our Church's Wider Mission". Individual contributions may also be made for the Outreach Department to allocate as above. Finally, in memory of the Rev. Bill Bryant, who was senior minister at Green's Farms for many years, we have established the Bryant Fund. Every year, the Outreach Department may direct the income earned the previous year from the Bryant Fund toward special needs.