Green's Farms Church


We believe baptism can happen at any age, and that in baptism God says
that this person (infant, child, youth or adult) is “my beloved child in whom
I am well pleased.” The sacrament of baptism is an outward and visible sign
of the grace of God. Through the sacrament of baptism we declare that the
love of God comes to us in different ways, but always with the same

The baptism of an infant reminds us that the love of God comes to us before
we are even aware of it. The baptism of a child reminds us that God’s love
does not depend on our understanding. The baptism of a youth or adult
reminds each of us of our own commitment to affirm publicly our love for
God and our desire to be marked as one of God’s own. Regardless of when
baptism is performed, it is a sign that the love of God comes into our lives
freely. It becomes real as we learn to see the world with eyes of faith and
experience life together in a community of faith.

The first step in the Baptism process is to complete the Baptism Request Form. Completion of this form enables us to begin the process of Baptism, including scheduling of the important day at a time that is convenient for the family. For additional information, contact our church office.